Wholesale Fashion Jewelry & Accessories

Let’s face it, most of us women want to dress our best and feel good about what we wear most of the time. Buying trendy clothes is one thing but we don’t want to look like everyone else so what about our accessories and jewellery? No need to spend a lot of money on these items when it is possible for us to afford them at wholesale prices.

Jewelry and fashion accessories available to the general public to buy on wholesale in South Africa are going to cost you a lot less money than purchasing from the many retail stores. It’s normally a market for the retailers but if you know where to look, anyone can buy these items at bargain prices.

In this day and age the Internet is the best source for finding so many things and in this case it’s no exception. Our first advice is to browse the online wholesale jewelry and accessory suppliers stores that sell these items on the Internet. Be sure that you know exactly what you’re buying though before handing over your credit card details or making any other kind of online payment as some of the pieces for sale may not be the quality you expect.

Where Else To Buy Accessories & Jewelry Wholesale

Next you can try and find these items on classified ad sites such as Gumtree or OLX. There are sometimes good deals from people who need the cash and are selling their jewelry online at wholesale prices or people who may have recently divorced and no longer want items such as engagement and wedding rings or jewellery items once given to them by their ex-partner.

Another idea is to check the ads in your local newspapers. Here again, you may come across advertisments of divorcees selling jewellery or fashion accessories and others interested in selling previous pieces to get some extra cash in their pockets.

The advantage you have of buying from people advertising them is that you will be able to see the items before committing to a purchase. Also, because it is second hand jewellery or fashion accessories that you are buying, you have a lot more negotiating power, putting you in a position to perhaps get the seller to let the items go at an even less than wholesale price.

You could also approach a wholesale jewelery shop and ask them to make you a copy of an expensive item. There are many qualified craftsmen and women that can create an exact replica of a particular piece of jewellery and sell it to you at a much more affordable price than the original. Items such as rings, necklaces, earings, belts and bracelets can all be made and sold at discount costs to the consumer.

Jewelry auctions in South Africa are another place to find items being auctioned off cheaply from late estates or people who have sold everything they have. This is a fun way to find jewellery, watches and other fashionable items for sale at a wholesale price but if you decide to take part in these auction events be sure to make yourself familiar with the way the whole auctioneering process works so that you don’t end up bidding on an item you don’t want to or buying something by accident.

Ladies Jewelry Auction

Auctioning off Women’s Jewellery

If you can find a reliable supplier that imports fashion accessories and jewellery items from different sources around the world then you’re onto a good thing. These kind of suppliers will always have new designs in stock, have a good variety of items you can buy and of course, lower prices than the retail stores, especially if you are looking to buy in bulk.

When it comes to fashion there are always accessories in demand. Sunglasses, watches, scarves, bags, belts and various hair accessories are all items that can be bought at wholesale prices and play a big part in completing the look for us women. Headwear contibutes too for some of us, different types of hats and caps or head scarves can also be the accessory that helps us achieve that individual style in the way we dress.

Fashion items can get expensive when we are looking for an accessory for every type of outfit so it’s good for us to source these products at a more affordable cost. Buy jewelry at wholesale prices in South Africa as well as those accessories to complete your look and style you wish to achieve and you’ll save yourself a lot of cash which can be spent on something else. Like a few new pairs of shoes!