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Shop online and buy good laptops to get you the computers you want for lower prices. The Internet has brought us many blessings. Including the ability to avoid the queues and shop around for the best price online. No need to wait outside the store hoping that the “for sale” sign will … [Read More...]

Black Friday Deals in South Africa

Annually Black Friday rolls around as South African's prepare to save money getting deals at stores such as Shoprite Checkers, Game, Makro and Pick n Pay with this year being no exception. Since 2013 this specific day at the end of November has offered shoppers discounted prices at … [Read More...]

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Finding specials and promotions on cellphones is easy providing you know where to look. Service providers offer the public incentives to buy phones, and great inclusive packages. In most cases you will be able to purchase the Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, or Sony Ericsson you’ve wanted all year … [Read More...]

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If there's one Women's clothing store that's worth your while shopping at for that new dress, pair of fashionable jeans or a new pair of stylish shoes it has to be Fashion Express. There are branches in shopping malls and town centres throughout South Africa offering us ladies modern … [Read More...]

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Most of us have feet! And whether it's to protect us from the cold, move around in comfort, play some kind of sport, for work reasons, formal wear, or all of the above we need to wear something on our feet almost every day. The South African online shopping company Zando offers … [Read More...]