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Sterns Jewellery Range

The Sterns jewellery range is available at stores in South Africa where you can buy items on offer. And they also have a website where you can view new products, promotions and contact details. As well as any other information you may require. If you are looking for a gift for someone. Or … [Read More...]

Black Friday 2022 Specials South Africa

It's almost Black Friday 2022 and specials in South Africa are going to be up for grabs across the country. The date for Black Friday South Africa 2022 is 25th November. Whereas Cyber Monday for this year will be Monday 28th November. Christmas is a very expensive time of the year so we … [Read More...]

Fashion Express Clothing & Shoes Stores

Fashion Express Women's clothing is a store that's worth while shopping at here in South Africa. For instance, for that new dress, pair of fashionable jeans or a new pair of stylish shoes it has to be Fashion Express. There are branches in shopping malls and town centres throughout the … [Read More...]

Morkels Catalogue Furniture

Morkels catalogue furniture offers you some decent items. Furnishing for your bathroom, bedroom, lounge and kitchen. Whether you are moving into a new house. Or you just feel like your home needs a décor makeover. The Morkels shops in South Africa have furniture items you need to make your … [Read More...]

Jet Clothing Stores

Jet clothing stores offer affordable value to their customers by offering a wide variety of quality clothing at decent prices. Many people have the misconception that Jet offer poor quality products in order to keep their prices so low. However this is not the case at all. There is a wide … [Read More...]

Woolworths Specials on Clothing and Food

Woolworths specials are a good way to get lower prices on clothing and food in South Africa. So if you want groceries, fresh products and meat. Or clothing, shoes, make up and accessories. And general merchandise at reasonable prices you should look into the weekly discounts on offer … [Read More...]