Jay Jays Designer Wear South Africa

Jay Jays designer wear is a brand out of Australia that has successfully infiltrated in to the South African market. Clothing at Jay Jays shops in South Africa includes: Tshirts Tops Jeans Hats Skirts & Blouses Socks Jackets & Hoodies Accessories These stores … [Read More...]

Black Friday Deals in South Africa

Annually Black Friday rolls around as South African's prepare to save money getting deals. Specials at stores such as Shoprite Checkers, Game, Makro and Pick n Pay with this year being no exception. Since 2013 this specific day at the end of November has offered shoppers discounted … [Read More...]

Buy Food from Woolworths Stores Online

In this modern world you can now buy food from Woolworths stores online. There is no easier way to shop than through the internet, and with your favourite stores acquiring an online shopping system, there is no reason that you should still have to go all the way to the shops and trawl … [Read More...]

Finding Woolworths Stores Specials

If you want decent groceries, fresh products and meat, clothing, shoes, make up and accessories and general merchandise at reasonable prices, you should look into finding Woolworths stores specials.   About Woolworths stores The first Woolworths store was opened in Cape Town in … [Read More...]

Avon Brochures

The Avon brochures are a great place to look for great quality products like skin care, fragrances, and make up. Avon products are only sold in three stores in South Africa and as a result, their brochures are their way in to the market. Avon is sold all over the world and is said to be … [Read More...]

Cell Phone Deals With Prepaid Or Cellphone Contracts

Cell Phone Deals in South Africa are available nationwide. Finding specials and promotions on cellphones is easy. Providing you know where to look. Service providers offer the public incentives to buy phones, and great inclusive packages. In most cases you will be able to purchase the … [Read More...]