Queenspark Clothes and Fashion Stores

(Queenspark clothes and fashion stores updated for 2019). Queenspark is a well-known clothing and accessory franchise. It was founded in the 1980s. The style is elegant, timeless and fashion forward. However, they support several other brands including JCrew Man (which offers fashionable … [Read More...]

Lewis Furniture Stores Catalogue

Lewis furniture stores catalogue is the ideal place to look for specials on lounge suites and bedroom furniture and accessories. Lewis is a well established brand in South Africa. As a result, is a brand that people trust to make good quality and affordable furniture.Related: Joshua … [Read More...]

Sterns Jewellery Range

The Sterns jewellery range is available at stores in South Africa where you can browse the pieces that they have on offer. And they also have a great website where you can view new items, promotions and contact details. As well as any other information you may require.If you are looking … [Read More...]

Identity Clothing Stores in SA

Identity clothing stores in SA are a great place to look for fashionable clothing at bargain prices. Although these stores have not been in existence for very long, twelve years to be exact. They have a large following in South Africa as they cater to all ages and have fashionable … [Read More...]

Beautiful American Swiss Catalogue Jewellery

When you browse through the beautiful American Swiss catalogue jewellery you will be able to find very exquisite and tasteful jewellery. That a woman or a man will not be able to resist. Visiting malls, you will be able to find these jewelers. And if you are looking for that one ring to … [Read More...]

Makro Stores

You can visit any one of the Makro stores in Cape Town, and also know that both of these stores offer you the exact same deals. Deals you will not be able to find anywhere else. The two stores are located in Milnerton and Ottery. And when you go there you will see what promotions they have … [Read More...]