Makro Stores

You can visit any one of the Makro stores in Cape Town, and also know that both of these stores offer you the exact same deals; deals you will not be able to find anywhere else. The two stores are located in Milnerton and Ottery, and when you go there you will see what promotions they have available. When you go shopping, you have the choice of paying cash or if you do not, you can apply for a Makro card. There are many reasons why you should get a card, and if you are a bulk buyer, choosing this option will open you up to a world of benefits.

Just have a look at all the specials that are currently running at any of the Makro stores in your area, then take those prices and see if you can find a store that can beat them. There is no better place to buy especially when it comes to promotions, because sometimes you will find that prices are slashed in half and no other store in Cape Town will be able to compare. Don’t ignore these specials, because you might not find the chance again to buy these.

If you are not sure where to find your nearest Mackro branch, look them up in the telephone directory and give them a call. Alternatively, you could also browse the Internet and find their address online. There is no easier way to do your shopping, and knowing that their prices are unbeatable you will have no regret later when you find the exact product in another store. Find all the supplies you need from food and textiles to sports equipment and home entertainment. You will find anything and everything you need when visiting any one of these Makro warehouses.